MQQN Garage

C-10 Shop Truck が新たに加わり車があふれて来た MQQN Garage 前です。 1月から NHRA Museum で開催されています “MQQN Exhibit" ですが 好評につき開催期間が延長され 2013年1月か2月頃まで開催される事になったので 12月8日(土) Irwindale Speedway 開催される MQQNEYES USA Xmas Party Show & Drag へ 行かれる方, "MQQN Exhibit" を見る事が出来ます。 但し、 Museum は月火が休館日と成っていますので注意して下さい。 With the newly acquired C-10 Shop Truck, MQQN Garage is now overflowing with vehicles. The "MQQN Exhibit" that has been on display at the NHRA Museum since January this year has been a popular feature there. So popular that they are extending the exhibit passed its scheduled showing of January 2013 to at least February next year. If you are planning on going to the MQQNEYES USA XMAS Party Show & Drag this year which will be held on December 8 (Saturday) at Irwindale Speedway, you will be able to visit the "MQQN Exhibit" as well. However, please note that the museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday. この Shop Truck, USA の友人がこの様に仕上げてくれたので購入するに至りました。 A friend from USA lead me to purchase the Shop Truck after putting all these stickers on it. 車があふれてきました。 なぜって? 販売車が売れないからです。 Overflow of vehicles. Why? Mostly be cause the cars for sale aren't selling.