Last Weekend

suzukascn_0588 鈴鹿SCNへ Pan-kun の Falcon "Pantastic" で行ってきました。 暑かったです。 元気良く出発! I rode to Suzuka SCN (Street Car Nationals) event in Pan-kun's Falcon "Pantastic". It was hot. Cheerfully we made our departure! suzukascn_0656 Gonners Go! Go! suzukascn_0662 ドライブはクルマのオーナーの Pan にお任せ。 I left the driving completely to the owner, Pan. suzukascn_0664 東名を疾走する Pantastic! Pantastic was coasting down the Tomei Expressway suzukascn_0322 まず最初の Stop は清水の Vannuys (敬称略) The first stop we made was at Vannuys in Shimizu (Shizuoka). suzukascn_0667 2nd Stop M&K, Makoto's Studio Our 2nd stop was at M&K, Makoto's Studio. suzukascn_0670 3rd Stop, Body Repair 221 suzukascn_0576 4th Stop, Cool Garage Fellows suzukascn_0579 2nd day, 1st stop, Home of Mercury, Borders suzukascn_0580 2nd Stop Toyota Museum suzukascn_0581 3rd Stop, Paradise Road suzukascn_0429 4th Stop, Arts Body suzukascn_0586 5th Stop, Wheels Unlimited suzukascn_0587 6th Stop, Shoebox, 懐かしいCrown ! "Yara's" 6th stop, Shoebox. This Toyota Crown is nostalgic! "Yara's" suzukascn_0582 3rd Day, Going to the show in the morning in Suzuka. suzukascn_0723 MQQNEYES Field Shop at 鈴鹿SCN MQQNEYES field shop (booth) at Suzuka SCN suzukascn_0741 suzukascn_0752 Show is over. Going home!! suzukascn_0757 3rd day. 余りの暑さでオーバーヒート等様々なトラブルで途中の道にはエントリーのクルマが。。 3rd day. It was a really hot day and many of the show/entry cars were overheating or having troubles along the way. suzukascn_0761 Pantastic もオーバーヒートしたので、 帰りはエルフで一足お先に! See you guys! Pantastic also had some overheating issue, so I jumped in the Isuzu Elf (shop truck) and rode with them. See you guys! suzukascn_0767 ここにも。。。 お! フェロ松! Here were some other cars... oh, it's Matsuoka from Fellows! suzukascn_0770 皆 Hood を空けて休憩 Everyone had their hood up taking a break. suzukascn_0772 suzukascn_0775 suzukascn_0777 suzukascn_0780 この標識は見易い、 ここに四日市とか伊勢とか書かれていたら土地勘の無い我々はどっちに行っての良いのか? This sign is easy to read, however if you aren't familiar with the local geography like us how do you know which direction to go? suzukascn_0781 suzukascn_0782 あっちこっちにも休憩中の車ありました。 There were more cars here and there pulled over. suzukascn_0790 そんな中快調に高速を走るクルマもありました。 Although a lot of cars were pulled over, there were also many having no problems at all. suzukascn_0795 こちらも快調です。 This one too was running great. suzukascn_0808 横浜も近くなって来たら今度は富士であった American Festival からのクルマと遭遇。 左にコルベットも止まってました。 When we got close to Yokohama, we saw many cars that were at Fuji Speedway for Ikura's American Festival on the road. On the left was a Corvette pulled to the side. suzukascn_0822 高速を下りたら富士帰りの Kustom Style 社長の Sakon-kun と遭遇、 クルマも好調でした。 さすが業界をリードする男のクルマは違う! After we got off the expressway, we saw Kustom Style's boss Sakon-kun on his way from Fuji. Car was running smooth. As one might expect from a leader in the industry! suzukascn_0362 suzukascn_0701 富士では Drag Race が The MOONBUG drag raced at Fuji