Display 変更 (Display Change)

moon-today-14 A-1 1F and 2F で展示中のバイク ディスプレイを変更しました。 2Fに展示されていた CB500 "Freakin' Four" と CB750 "Elegant Four" を 1Fに下し、 1FからTriumph 2台と MQQN Diggerを2Fに展示しようと言う計画です。 We changed the bike displays inside our shop (1st & 2nd floor) at Mooneyes Area-1 in Honmoku, Yokohama. The CB500 "Freakin' Four" and CB750 "Elegant Four" that were displayed on the second floor were moved to the 1st floor and the 2 Triumphs plus the MQQN Digger were moved upstairs to the second floor. moon-today-56 黒い集団が階段を下りて行くのが見えます。 You can see a black mass moving down the stairs. moon-today-58 12人がかりでCB750を下ろしていたのです。 That's 12 people bringing the CB750 down. moon-today-60 次はCB500です。「ちょっと待って! 記念写真撮るから」と歩みを止めてもらい、はいポーズ。 Next was the CB500. "Wait a minute! I want to take a souvenir photograph." I got them to stop half way through to pose for a photo. moon-today-85 2F は Triumph と MQQN Digger が 1 Shot Paint の販売ケースの横に展示されました。 The 2 Triumphs and MQQN Digger were moved up to the 2nd floor next to the 1 Shop Paint showcase. moon-today-17 1Fに展示されていた Triumph 2台と MQQN Digger は2Fへ移動 The two Triumphs and MQQN Digger after moving them to the second floor. moon-today-07 moon-today-09 2Fから 2台の CB と Garage から CB750 "Easy Four" が1Fに展示されました。 The two CBs from the 2nd floor and the CB750 "Easy Four" from the garage have been moved to be display on the first floor. moon-today-12 2台の HD Sportsがお迎えします。 The 2 HD Sporsters are there to greet you at the shop entrance.