MQQN Racing Jacket

0278_2 HCS2014 Collectivities Alley での一コマ、 このブースにはビックリしたな~。 色々な Vintage Jacket の中央に飾られた MQQN Jacket も勿論本物、 1960年代初頭, Dean MOONがイギリスへ行った時にも着ていた由緒あるRacing Jacket. 忠実な復刻版を作る為の生地まで製作しサンプルまで辿り着いたけど、 それから先をどうしたら良いのか? A little something from HCS2014 Collectivities Alley. This booth was amazing to see. In the center of all those vintage jackets was a MQQN Jacket and of course it was authentic. That is one of the Racing Jackets made in the early 1960s when Dean Moon went to England. We have struggled with materials to faithfully reproduce a sample. But what do we do next? 70 ちなみにコチラが復刻版のサンプル。 仕上がりは文句無く素晴らしい、着心地も勿論最高。 でもサンプルは生地の取り分から4着しか作れない。 サンプル Only で終わらせるか、それとも限定製産に持って行くか数量と費用のパズル。 今月中に結論を出さなければ冬には間に合わない。 By the way, the jacket I'm wearing in the photo is a reproduction sample. There were no complaints with the finished product and the fitting and comfort was perfect. However, only 4 can be made with the current materials. Should they be just samples and that's it or should they be extremely limited editions? Then there's a puzzle about cost and quantity. If I don't make a decision by this week, winter will be over before they are complete.