Vega on the FWY

FWY10 を西に向かって走っていると後ろから Vega が走ってきた。 Tire も細く、見たところ Stock の様な感じだけど 何となく 4気筒と言う感じじゃない。 そして奇麗じゃないけどボロでもない。 何とも微妙な Vega。 写真を撮りたくて慌ててカメラをセットすると車は右に左に、 色々な事をしながら車を真っ直ぐ走らせ難くなってきた。 笑うなよ、 何時か君らも経験するから。 As I was heading west on FWY10, I noticed a Vega approaching from behind. The tires looked thin, so initially I thought it was all stock, perhaps just a basic 4-cylinder. It wasn't super clean but wasn't junk either. It was hard to tell what kind of Vega to call it. I wanted to get a good photo of it so I tried to set my camera up but at my age, the car kept swerving left and right. Trying to do too much at once, it was hard to keep the car straight. Don't laugh, I'm sure you will experience the same when you are older. P2080121 写真に写っている廻りの車達とはまったく違う自分だけの世界を持った Vega The Vega shown in the photo is in its own world and doesn't match with the other cars around it. P2080122 しかし、ちらっと黄色い Traction Bars が。。。 Driver は Vega Pro Stock "Grumpy's Toy" の Owner & Driver, Bill Jenkins に何となく似てる。 あくまでも何となく。 However, peaking out are yellow traction bars... The driver of this car even looked somewhat like the Vega Pro Stock "Grumpy's Toy" owner and driver Bill Jenkins. Well, at this distance some what. P2080120 Wow, Wow, Dual Exhausts and Traction Bars! 見た感じ、 Missing Parts は無さそうだし、 Body もそんなに悪くはなさそう。 Wow, Wow, Dual Exhausts and Traction Bars! From what I saw, it wasn't missing any parts either and the body looked to be in good shape. P2080106 Rear End も違えば Sway bar まで付いて、 まさに Sleeper! 極めつけは Blue Plate, いいね~。 Vega Collector の友人に勧めてみましょ。 The rear end was different and had a sway bar. It's a sleeper! With a blue plate it looked so cool. I'll have to recommend this to my Vega collector friend.