openhouse-0448 7/11(土)に行われた MQQNEYES USA の Open House の模様をお届けします。 朝6:30, 一番乗りは 1955 Chevy Gasser On Saturday July 11, 2015 MQQNEYES USA had their annual Open House. At 6:30AM the first car that arrived as a 1955 Chevy Gasser.   openhouse-0452 5年振りに Yard Sale を開催。 It's been 5 years since we had a Yard Sale too.   openhouse-0482 openhouse-0466 歩道で商売を始める人も。 There were also people that started vending on the sidewalk.   openhouse-0489 openhouse-0510 隣の Hungry Boy は早朝に関わらず満席状態です。 Seating at Hungry Boy next door was full from early in the morning.   openhouse-0523 openhouse-0524 openhouse-0532 openhouse-0573 openhouse-0602 openhouse-0620 openhouse-0640 openhouse-0658 openhouse-2357 openhouse-179 openhouse-0664 openhouse-178 Shop の中も大混雑です。 Inside the shop was very crowded too.   openhouse-0660 Open House の Live Music と言えば Hot Rod Trio です。 Always performing live music at our open house was the Hot Rod Trio.   openhouse-0677 反対側も Car Show になっています。 Across the street turned in to a car show.   openhouse-0689 openhouse-0684 openhouse-0686 MQQNEYES 側もごらんの通りです。 よくポリスが来なかったな~. Next to MQQNEYES was as you see here. I'm surprised the police didn't show up.   openhouse-0730 MQQNEYES Event の DJ は Dynotones の Dan。 時々加山雄三とか日本の歌を掛けてくれます。 Dan from the Dynotones was our DJ for the MQQNEYES Event. He also played some Japanese songs from time to time including Yuzo Kayama.   openhouse-0745 Famous Chico's Burgers は 200食限定 MQQN Cafe 本牧の Chef Koji が Grill を担当しました。 Famous Chico's Burgers limited to 200. MQQN Cafe Honmoku (Japan) Chef Koji worked the grill.   openhouse-0748 数が限られているにも関わらず、「パテを2枚くれ」とか平気言うから不思議です。 Regardless of being limited, there were still people that requested two patties which was strange.   openhouse-174 Free Burger のラインです。 200個はあっと言う間に無くなりました。 The line for free burgers. 200 burgers were gone in no time.   openhouse-0760 openhouse-0768 Machine Shop の一般開放。 The machine shop was open for viewing.   openhouse-0716 隣は日陰を求める人達で一杯。 There were a lot of people looking for shade next door.   openhouse-170 openhouse-173 Hamburger が無くなりしばらくして、 子供 2人を連れたお父さんがオフイスに入って来て「食べ物が無くなったけど何かある?」 何と置いてあったこのカップケーキを 3個何も言わずに持って出て行きました。 Just after all the hamburgers were gone, a father and two children came into the office saying we were all out of food asking, "Do you have anything to eat?" Without another word, they spotted these cupcakes and took three for themselves and left.   openhouse-0850 openhouse-0870   openhouse-0874 openhouse-0896 openhouse-0941 openhouse-2880 Photo courtesy of Stephan Szantai.   openhouse-0015 翌日は El Mirage でした。 The next day we were at El Mirage. に MOONEYES CLASSIC TRIUMPH 記事あります。 By the Bikernet staff with photos by Peter Linney 始まったばかり Panスミくんのブログはこちらです。