昔の話/Old Story

wood-1 古い写真を整理していたら懐かしいWoodyが出て来ました。 VW Woody は California の Woody Event に持って行ったけど反応は今ひとつでした。 Sorting through some old photos recently I came across this classic Woody photo. The VW Woody was brought to a Woody Event in California but the response was not quite as expected.   woodie-2 Datsun Woody, 2 Door Wagonはカッコイイですね。 This Datsun Woody, 2 Door Wagon was very cool looking.   この時撮った別のアングルが下です。 読めますか「2008 U.S. OPEN」って。 これ本当のゴルフの世界的大会のあれです。 たまたま見に行った人が会場で販売されていたTシャツを購入してくれました。 「これってMQQNEYESのじゃない?」そうですウチのです。 パクられました。 色々と関係者とも相談しましたがこの程度では何も出来ないそうです。 やられ損、やり得ですね。 There's another image from this time at a different angle below. Do you see what it says? "2008 U.S. OPEN" Yes, it was really from that world famous golf tournament. By chance, there was someone there and saw this T-shirt for sale at the event and purchased it. They showed it to us. "Isn't this MQQNEYES?" Yes, it is. It was taken and copied without our knowledge. I even consulted with several people about what to do but in the end there was really nothing worth doing at the time. They took advantage of us.   woody-3