昨年はCOVID-19で開催できなかったOpen House, ワクチン接種が進んでいるUSAなので今年はやろうと言う事なったのですが期日が近づくにつれLAも感染が再拡大し始めマスクの着用が必要となりました。と言ってもですね 付けてない方が大半です。多くの方に来て欲しいけど、沢山は来て欲しく無い、難しい所でした。ま、この時期としては良いサイズの集まりなったと思います。

Last year we couldn't hold the Open House due to the COVID-19, but we decided to do it this year because vaccination is progressing in the USA. Although as the date gets closer the infection started to spread again in LA and we needed to wear a mask. But, most people were not wearing. We hoped for many people to come out at the same time, we didn’t want it to get crowded. As a result, it was a decent gathering for this period.

6 in the morning and it is already like this.

It seemed to be there was some space at the “Gonners” meeting point, which usually get full.

まさに “Keep on Vanning” です!

It’s exactly “Keep on Vanning”!

There are people selling on the street. It's always so free here.

2週間後はBonneville Speed Week. やる事はまだまだ沢山あります。

2 weeks later is Bonneville Speed Week. We still have many things to do.

You can see this kind is running.

Sale ManagerのBobがMQQNEYES 勤続21年、昨年20年だったのですがCOVID-19でお祝いできず。21年目に 20年目のSilver Pinを贈呈しました。Bob, 永い事、ご苦労様です。ありがとう!

Sale Manager Bob continued service will reach 21st year, last year was the 20th anniversary but we couldn't celebrate because of the COVID-19. We gave the 20th Silver Pin in the 21st year. Bob, Thank you for your hard work!