NHRA Winternationals in Summer 2021

2月に開催されるNHRA Winternnationals, 2021今年は真夏、100度Fを超えるPomona, CAで開催されました。1992 9月 U.S. Nationalsで Kenji Okazaki/ MQQNEYES Funny Carがデビューし 30年に及びJim Dunn Racingとのスポンサー関係は続いています。

今回の予選は夜行われ、金曜日1回、土曜日2回、の結果で日曜日のLadderが決まります。 土曜日1回目まで9位でしたが2 回目で14位まで下がってしまいましたが決勝には残れました。

The NHRA winternationals, 2021 usually held in February is held in mid-summer for this year. It was held at Pomona, CA where the temperature is over 100℉. In September 1992, Kenji Okazaki / MQQNEYES Funny Car debate at U.S. Nationals and sponsorship relationship with the Jim Dunn Racing has continued for 30 years.

This time qualify sections were done at night. The results of the 1st round on Friday, and two rounds, 2nd & 3rd on Saturday will determine the Ladder for Sunday’s Eliminations. We were 9th on the first qualify and Saturday but went down to 14th on the 3rd run, however, we were able to reach the final.
結果としは何とSemi Final(準決勝)まで進むと言う珍しい事が起きたのです。14位だと3位通過のTeamと相対するので順当に行けば負けは丸見えですが勝負事は終わるまでわかりませんね。久しぶりに気持ちの良いRaceでした。

As a result, surprisingly we went to Semi-Final which is our rare case. As we are ranked 14th, we will be facing the team that finished 3rd, so if things go in the right order, we will obviously lose. However, it's a game so, I guess you never know until the game is over. It was the good race I've had in a long time.

夜の写真 昔はもう少しまともに撮れたのですが。カメラは進化しているので、確実に下手になってるって事ですね。ISO 400のフィルムでも撮れていたのがお粗末です。

The night photo was a little better but … The camera is developing, so it means I'm definitely getting bad at it. Although it is shot in ISO 400 film it is a photo of a sort.


Well performance gives the Team in a good mood.
Maskしている人は見当たりません。日常が戻ってる様に見えますがLA Countryの感染者は増えています。

There are not many people wearing a mask. It seems to look that it's back in normal, but the number of infected people in LA country is increasing.


In the first round of the final, surprisingly we won. When you win, things get busy for maintenance and etc between the second race. But since we’ve almost never been to the second round, we are not sure if we can handle it well.


Oh, it's getting busy. We have to finish building before the next round.
何と2回戦も勝ち、Semi Final (準決勝)へ!凄い事が起きました!!Finalistもと期待しましたがSemi Finalはダメでした。残りのレースに期待しましょう。

Wow! We won the second round and to Semi-Final! An amazing thing happened!!
We expect the Finalist but couldn’t reach it. Let’s look forward to the next race.

Electric Motor のMustang。こういう時代がすぐ来るのでしょうね。

Electric Motor Mustang I'm sure this kind of era will come soon.