Bonneville 2021

Brand NewのRace Car #1533 D/BFRMR “Blown Fuel Rear Engine Modified Roadster”と言うClassで走る為 Chicoがゼロから作った車です。今までの車より長さがあるのでChicoが古いトレーラーの一部を使い新たに作り上げました。自分が作ったトレーラーに自分で作ったRace Carを載せて約700mile先のWendover, UTまで行くなんてとても僕には出来ません。

出発前あまりに忙しく大丈夫なのかなと思っていたのですが、Salt Flatの照り返しによる高温で車よりもDriverがOver Heatしてしまい土曜日のShake Down Run 1回しか走行出来なかったのです。今回はあまりに時間がなかったので9月にあるRaceまでには良い状態で走れる事を期待しましょう。

It is a car built from scratch by Chico, to run the Class of Brand New Race Car #1533 D/BFRMR “Blown Fuel Rear Engine Modified Roadster”. It is longer than the other #533 car, so Chico built a new trailer by using some parts of the old trailer. I can’t imagine going to Wendover, UT, about 700 miles away with a Trailer I built loading a Race Car I built.

Before departure, we’re worried that we’re so busy, but because of sun reflected off the Salt Flat, the Driver Over Heated than the Car and we could only run for the Shake Down Run on Saturday.

For this time we didn’t have much time, so we are looking forward to being in a good condition by the Race in September.


The strong wind took apart the panel. This trailer is only for Bonneville, so it's rusty.

2021 Bonneville T shirtは何時も大人気です。

2021 Bonneville T-shirt is always popular.
Ice Cream Truck!


Fixing the panel before going back to California.

今年の Bonneville で大活躍した MOON Cool Towel。 MOONEYES Area-1 及び MOONEYES Online Shop で好評発売中です。

The MOON Cool that was must-have at this year's Bonneville. It is avaialble at MOONEYES Area-1 and MOONEYES Official Online Shop.

MOON Cool Towel
ムーン クール タオル

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