Bangkok, Hot Rod Custom Show 2016 での MQQNEYES Pick は Thor が 8年掛けて制作した 1951 Merc. グンを抜いていました。

The MQQNEYES Pick at the Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show 2016 went to this 1951 Merc built by Thor. It took him 8 years to complete. It was clearly on a level of its own.

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Car Scene in Bangkok, Thailand

タイの Car Scene です。 東南アジアの国々では古い USA 車の輸入、 登録はどこ色々大変なようです。 色々な意味で日本に居る我々は恵まれています。

Here’s a taste of the car scene in Thailand. It’s not easy to register old USA cars in Southeast Asian countries. We are blessed in Japan being able to do what we do.

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Thailand Hot Rod Custom Show

Best of Show に選ばれたのは Thailand MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer “Fat Boy Design” が製作した All アルミの Knucklehead でした。

Thailand MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer “Fat Boy Design” built, all aluminum Knucklehead was selected based on points as Best of Show.

Front Fork, Wheels, Fender & Tank 等は Billet Aluminum, CNC の削り出しで作ったそうです。

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Hot Rod Custom Show, Bangkok, Thailand

先週末バンコクで開催しました Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show 2016 の車です。

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Bangkok, Thailand Event


I’m currently in Thailand for an event. Due to bad internet connection from abroad, I will update my blog on Wednesday.