Thailand Hot Rod Custom Show

fatboydesign_0141 fatboydesign_0476 Best of Show に選ばれたのは Thailand MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer "Fat Boy Design" が製作した All アルミの Knucklehead でした。 Thailand MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer "Fat Boy Design" built, all aluminum Knucklehead was selected based on points as Best of Show. fatboydesign_0505 fatboydesign_0508 fatboydesign-3 fatboydesign_4392 fatboydesign_4393 fatboydesign-1 Front Fork, Wheels, Fender & Tank 等は Billet Aluminum, CNC の削り出しで作ったそうです。 The front forks, wheels, fender & tank among other things are all billet aluminum which he had made from CNC. fatboydesign_4436 この3名が Thailand HCS を主催しました。 左が Fat Boy Design のオーナー&ビルダーの Chakkaphan Rungsuckchaoren君、若干 32歳! 皆からは Mark と呼ばれていますが I called him "Fat". 中央は Thailand HCS の Leader 的役割の Bomb君 右は Paul君、 彼は神戸在住です。 3人共 若い! アジアは熱いです(気温も暑いです)! These three were the key to organizing Thailand HCS. From the left is Fat Boy Design owner & builder Chakkaphan Rungsuckchaoren (32)! Everyone calls him Mark but I called him "Fat". In the center is Thailand HCS lead organizer Bomb and on the right is Paul, whom currently lives in Kobe. All three are so young! It's hot in Asia (the weather too)! We also visited Fat Boy Design's shop: fatboydesign_1299 fatboydesign_0284 fatboydesign_0285 fatboydesign_0297 fatboydesign_0292 fatboydesign_0293 fatboydesign_0294 fatboydesign_0295 Thank you for your hospitality.