Car Scene in Bangkok, Thailand

タイの Car Scene です。 東南アジアの国々では古い USA 車の輸入、 登録はどこ色々大変なようです。 色々な意味で日本に居る我々は恵まれています。 Here's a taste of the car scene in Thailand. It's not easy to register old USA cars in Southeast Asian countries. We are blessed in Japan being able to do what we do. thailand-0238 thailand-0233 thailand-0239 thailand-0242 thailand-0241 thailand-0243 thailand-0245 thailand-0246 thailand-0236 thailand-0237 thailand-0254 thailand-0249 thailand-0255 thailand-0256 thailand-0257 thailand-0258 thailand-0252 thailand-0251 thailand-0264 thailand-0260 thailand-0261 thailand-0271 thailand-0266 thailand-0265