GNRS 2015 その2

MQQN Lady – Emily and MQQN Man- Dale Snoke (Comet GasserのオーナーでHCS 2012に来日)

MQQN Lady Emily and MQQN Man Dale Snoke (Dale was a guest at HCS2012 with his Comet Gasser)

Dale が製作した Falcon Gasser. Owner: Mark Johnson

This is a Falcon Gasser that Dale built. Owner: Mark Johnson

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It Snowed Again!

また雪です。 先週は California に居たので運良く大雪を回避できましたが まさか今週も雪、 それもまた大雪の予報です。

It’s snowing again. Last weekend I was in California so I was lucky I missed the heavy snow. However, it’s now snowing, and it’s forecast to be just as bad.


This is what it was like last weekend.

Sumi Pan君 の Falcon が遂に完成! Pinstriped by Sugi-Sack.

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HCS2013 のステージ、 気付かれた方も多かった思います。 実は CKB Ken-san から頂戴した舞台セットを加工して使わせて頂きました。 これがあったのでステージもグーンとカッコ良くなりました! http://blog.fmyokohama.jp/ckb/2013/12/at-pacifico-yokohama.html

The HCS2013 stage, perhaps there were some of you that recognized it. It was the backdrop for the Japanese group, Crazy Ken Band (CKB) while they were on tour. The lead singer Ken is from Honmoku and he gave it to us after their tour (Continue reading…)