GNRS 2015 その2

gnrs-160 dalecomet_4194 MQQN Lady - Emily and MQQN Man- Dale Snoke (Comet GasserのオーナーでHCS 2012に来日) MQQN Lady Emily and MQQN Man Dale Snoke (Dale was a guest at HCS2012 with his Comet Gasser) mark-johnson Dale が製作した Falcon Gasser. Owner: Mark Johnson This is a Falcon Gasser that Dale built. Owner: Mark Johnson gnrs-177 gnrs-024 gnrs-239 Grand National Roadster Show 2015で Award を手にした Mark. Mark and his award received at the Grand National Roadster Show 2015. gnrs-253 gnrs-255 gnrs-042 gnrs-043 カラーが奇麗です。 The colors were very nice.