Dodge Magnumの続き

事は丁度一年前の今頃、右折をする為に減速したらエンジンがストール、 Parking にシフトしエンジンを再始動、 シフトをDレンジへ入れても車が動かない、 ほんの数秒経つと動き出すと言う現象にあり、 Dealer に入れたら 幸い保証期間だったので Computer を無償で交換、 その後 11月迄何の問題も無く走っていたのに ここで Dealer へ再度持ち込み点検してもらったけどあいにく同じ症状が出ない、 原因不明のまま戻されそうになった時 が発生し、 これで直る! と思っていたら。 Dealer での結論はバッテリーが駄目だったと言う事となり New Battery に交換され戻って来た Magnum, バッテリー?!? 「確かに3年位交換した事なかったな」 と思いつつでも 「でもバッテリー?」 と 何とも腑に落ちない結末を迎えた訳です。 12月の MQQNEYES USA Xmas Show の際は問題無かったと言いたけど 実は一回不安になる動きをしたのですが その後問題なかったので 「バッテリーだったのかな??」 と思い込む事にし 今回、 一回目のストップと同じ場所で同じ時間くらいに同じ事が発生 (前回と違うのは雨でなく曇りだった事)、 しかし前回の復習があり再度エンジンが掛かる事は分かっていたので再始動し走ろうとすると今度は動かない、 しばらくするとガクンとギアが入り普通に走るが信号で止まるエンジンも止まる。 またまた問題発生! 結局 Long Beach の Motorcycle Swap Meet に行く事は断念し帰宅。 フラットベットのトラックを呼び会社まで運んでもらう事になった。 どうせ Dealer へ持って行っても原因不明となる事まず間違いなし。 売り時かな~。 It's been just about one year since, I was making a right turn when my engine stalled. I put it in Park, restarted the car, shifted to Drive but it didn't move. After a few moments, the car moved. After I brought it to the Dealer, I was happy to learn it was covered under warranty and they replaced the computer. After that, there were no issues at all until last November I brought it again to the Dealer but couldn't recreate the problem. After they looked at it without reproducing the problem, I went to pick it up when the problem occurred again! I thought great! They will fix it. The conclusion from the Dealer was that the battery was bad, so their fix was replacing the battery and sending me home with the Magnum. Battery?!? Initially, I thought, "Sure, it was about three years since exchanging the battery... but the battery?" It was a conclusion that I just couldn't understand. In December, around MQQNEYES USA Xmas Show, although there had been no problems with the car, there was one time when it acted strange but other than that, no problems so I started to think, "Maybe it was the battery??" However, this time it stalled once again, in the exact location as before, doing the same turn (the only difference was last time it was raining, this time it was cloudy). Remembering the last time this happened, I restarted the engine, put it in Drive but this time, it wouldn't move. After a few more moments I heard it click and shift into gear and it moved normally again but when I stopped for the light at the intersection, the engine stopped too. Another problem! In the end, I lost hope at going to Long Beach for the Motorcycle Swap Meet like I planned. Instead, I called AAA for a flatbed truck and had it brought to the MOONEYES Shop. Why bring it to the Dealer again, as I'm sure they would say it's an unknown cause. Maybe it's time to sell... Peterbilt の Flatbed, Driver は Low Rider が大好きで Tru Spoke Wheels が4本で $2,000 だとか色々教えてくれました。 I learned a lot from the driver of the Peterbilt Flatbed, whom is really into Lowriders. For example, a set of 4 Tru Spoke Wheels costs $2,000. 今朝はこれに乗っけてもらって出勤です。 My ride to work this morning looked like this. Magnum からは良く見えない気になる El Camino も今日は良く見えました。 なかなかいいコンディションの様です。しかも SS。 In the Magnum I can't see these angles, like this El Camino I got to see today. It looks like it's in great condition. It's even an SS.