A-Day by Motorcycle Den

Motorcycles Den (敬称略) が開催する "A-Day" Swap Meet へ行ってきました。
今年で 13回目となるそうです。 ここ数年 MQQNEYES は出店させて頂いていますが
自分の日程があわず行けるチャンスが無かったのですが今年は先週の九州 F.T.W と "A-Day" と初めて行けました。
このイベントの素晴らしい所は会場 Open の9時まで出展者も一切売り買いが出来ない事です。
Swap Meet でお客様が走って入場するのシーンは初めて見ました。
通常商品を扱う MQQNEYES の前はほぼ全員素通りです。
ところでバイク用 ETC ですが 最高に便利ですね!!

We went to "A-Day" Swap Meet held by Motorcycles Den this past Sunday near Mt. Fuji.
This year was their 13th time holding the annual event. For several years now, MQQNEYES has had a vendor space there but my schedule never matched and I never made it out. But this year, I went to F.T.W. a few weekends ago and "A-Day" for the first time.

"A-Day" is held in a wonderful place. It opens at 9AM and vendors/exhibitors cannot buy or sell anything until that time.
Where some events allow buying and selling among vendors before the gates open, this swap meet has strict rules and doesn't allow it until the gates officially open. It's a great idea and keeps everything fair whether you are a walk-in customer or a swap meet vendor.
For that reason, when the gates open, there's a wave of people literally running to find the first bargains.
Many of the people were wearing gloves.
This was the first time I saw customers running into a swap meet.
It was surprising!

For a shop like MQQNEYES that sells normal retail goods, all of the early people just passed right on by.
It wasn't until they were coming back when some stopped by our spot.
Thank you very much!

By the way, in Japan they have ETC which is an electronic device that pays your toll charge digitally so you don't have to stop at toll gates on the expressway. These are extremely handy for expressway riding on a motorcycle!!
The device costs about USD $400 but the time saving minutes make it worth it. Even though it's expensive, I highly recommend it.

Customers entering the swap meet doing double-time to look for the bargains, some prepared with gloves.

MQQNEYESの前は素通りです。 皆一目散にお目当てのブースに走って行きます。
Everyone passing by MQQNEYES. Everyone running at full speed towards their target booth.

会場に到着したとたん Sports がトラブル、 修理を手伝ってくれる Pinstriper Shakin' の後ろ姿です。
Jene Choppers の皆様のお陰で無事に帰って来る事が出来ました。
When we arrived at the swap meet location, the Sportster had some trouble. We got some help from the Pinstriper named Shakin', that's his back.
With the help of everyone at Jene Choppers, it was possible to make it home without any problems.

The Sportster on the road heading for the event.

Once we got through the tunnel it was cold!

Soon we made it to our destination.
Going there was exciting but coming home was exhausting.