Fairlane Station Wagon の続き

Ford Fairlane Station Wagon の続き、 木曜日に練習へ行った時の画像です。 Continuing with the Ford Fairlane Station Wagon, here are more photos of last week Thursday when we took it for practice run. 0-3491 Techを受けています。 Car Inspection ですね。 During the car inspection. 1-3699 1回目の走行、 この画像では Fairlane が先に行っている様に見えますがゴール前で抜かれました。 This was the 1st run. In this photo it looks like the Fairlane is leading but before getting to the finish line, the other car pulled ahead. 2-4519 HCS2012 に来日した Comet "the Rocket" のオーナーが Crew をやってくれました。 The owner of the Mercury Comet "the Rocket" that was in Japan for HCS2012 was part of our crew. 3-4618 2回目の走行は Red Light フライングでした。 On the 2nd run, I fouled with a red light. 4-4646 何時の間にか多くの人が集まって来て 車を見てくれました。 色々調整しエンジンを掛けても本調子の音がしてない事から バルブを見ようと言う事になりましたがバルブカバーを外さなくてはいけないので 「ウーン」と思っていたら「Only 5 Bolts!」と一言 後押しされバルブカバーを外してみたら悪い所を発見! 横着は禁物ですね。外していなければ While we were troubleshooting the car, before I knew it, there were so many people involved and helping out. They all tried to find the problem with the car but each time the engine never sounded normal. It was decided to take a look at the valves. In order to check the valves, the valve covers had to be removed. Someone commented with, "Only 5 Bolts!" Once we took off the valve covers we discovered the problem.