"7th Custom Sickles Reunion" at MQQN Cafe, Italy presented by Rumblers, Italy


イタリア、Jesolo Beach にある MQQN Cafe, Italy で Rumblers, Italy の主催の Car Show が開催されました。
ベニス国際空港から Jesolo へ向かう途中の反対車線に MQQN Cafe の看板を発見!

The Rumblers sponsored a car show at MQQN Cafe Italy in Jesolo Beach, Italy.
I saw this MQQN Cafe Italy sign in the opposite lane as I was heading to Jesolo from Venice International Airport.


Hotel Atlantico は '60s の香りを残す小さななホテルです。

Hotel Atlantico is a small hotel that still has a '60s feel to it.


Hotel の前は Beach です。
それぞれが Hotel の Private Beach になっているようです。

The beach is right in front of the hotel.
Each hotel has it's own private beach section.


アドリア海です。 あまりなじみがありませんが

Adriatic Sea. I didn't get into the beach scene but


ここは宿泊先の Beach、 若い娘が少ないのが気になりました。。

with the lodging right on the beach, I noticed there weren't very many young women.


MQQN Cafe には早くもクルマやバイクが集まってきました。

Cars and bikes began to show up at MQQN Cafe very early.


Jesolo Beach の Street にて

A street in Jesolo Beach.


街の路地で MQQNEYES が販売している Port-O-Wall 装着 VW を発見

I saw this VW with Port-O-Walls like the ones MQQNEYES sells.

jesolo13-384 jesolo13-1141
jesolo13-0005 jesolo13-0856

Rumblers が用意した Award の数々.

Rublers prepared awards on display.

jesolo13-0010 jesolo13-0021
jesolo13-0014 jesolo13-0839

Italy の MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer "No Water" Display が素晴らしかったです。

MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer in Italy, "No Water" booth and display was great.


日本から出店の Bull Original, Yokohama.

Bull Original, Yokohama was there with a booth from Japan.


飛ぶように売れて行く Bull 商品、 Owner の Yone-kun は 「旅費は稼いで買える!」 と頑張っていました。

Bull products were selling like hot cakes. Owner Yone said, "I keep working hard I can pay for my travel expenses!"
We must follow his example.

jesolo13-0869 jesolo13-0017


Award を受ける Bull Original Owner Yone-kun

Bull Original owner Yone received an award.

jesolo13-0831 jesolo13-1166

MQQN Cafe, Italy が用意した Award "MQQN Cafe, Italy's Pick"

MQQN Cafe Italy prepared a "MQQN Cafe Italy's Pick" award.


昼の 12時から始まったイベントは夜中の 12時になってもこの通りです。

The event started at 12 noon and at 12 midnight it was like this.
Europe events go long into the nighttime.



Rumblers は USA からは勿論、 Canada からもメンバーが参加し、 日本からは唯一の公認メンバーの Bull Original: Yone-kun, Italy 各地に広がるメンバーが集合しました。
そしてこの日、 France のメンバーが新たに Ramblers として公認されました。

Rumblers of course came to support the show all the way from USA but also from Canada, Japan (which their one member from Japan is Bull Original: Yone), Italy and other places all gathered for this day. Also their new members from France were there joining in as well.


日曜日には Vespa の大部隊が Jesolo Beach の Street を流していました。

On Sunday there was a big gathering of Vespa scooters on the streets of Jesolo Beach.


左から、 MQQN Cafe, Italy Owner の Alberto, Low Ride Magazine と Chop & Roll Magazine 編集長の Giuseppe, そしてイタリアのパイオニア的 Pinstriper: Blaster

From the left, MQQN Cafe Italy owner Alberto, Low Ride magazine and Chop & magazine chief editor Giuseppe, Italy's pioneer pinstriper Blaster.


Rumblers, Milano 会長の Romano と Bull Original のオーナーで日本でただ一人のRumblers Member の Yone-kun

Rumbers Milano president Romano and Bull Origianl owner, Rumbers only Japanese member from Japan, Yone.


そうです今週末は Southern California で Born Free #5 です!!

That's right, this weekend in Southern California is Born Free #5!!