New Postcards, MQQNEYES Original

Obon Week です。
旅の思い出に MQQNEYES Postcard を家族/友人に送るなんて素敵じゃありませんか?
6種類の中からお選び下さい。 6枚購入すると何と 1枚 Free となります。
200円/枚、 6枚では 1,000円となります。

It's Obon Week.
A perfect item for travelers to purchase and send/bring home to friends and family when visiting MOONEYES are these new postcards. There are 6 different postcards. You can purchase them separately or buy 6 as a set for the price of five.
Postcards are 200yen each or 1,000yen for a set of 6.

Pcard-Area1-F-print Pcard-Area1-B-print

Pcard-Cafe-F-print Pcard-Cafe-B-print

Pcard-Crown-F-print Pcard-Crown-B-print

Pcard-Garage-F-print Pcard-Garage-B-print

Pcard-MCCS-F-print-3 Pcard-MCCS-B-print

Pcard-SIGN-F-print Pcard-SIGN-B-print