Indonesia Trip KustomFest 2013

Indonesia の Jogjakarta (ジョグジャカルタ) で開催された "KustomFest 2013" に行ってきました。
Jogjakarta は首都 Jakarta (ジャカルタ) から飛行機で 1時間程の所にある小さな City です。
日本から行くには Jakarta 経由で約 12時間掛かりました。
通貨はルピアと言い、 1,000,000ルピア=約10,000円、 ゼロが多過ぎて感覚がまったく掴めないまま帰国となりました。
両替した 50,000円=5,000,000ルピアは 5百万!!

Last weekend I headed to Jogjakarta, Indonesia to attend KustomFest 2013.
Jogjakarta is a small city located about 1 hour by plane from the capital Jakarta.
Flying from Japan, we transferred in Jakarta, it took about 12 hours total.
The currency is Indonesian Rupiah and roughly 1,000,000 Rupiah = 10,000 Yen, there's just too many zeros it's hard to keep track and I came home confused.
Changing 50,000 Yen 5,000,000 Rupiah, that's 5-mil!!
But for some reason, it was gone very fast so I'm not sure prices were that cheap.

日曜日だけは路上に車を置き For Sale して良いそうです (場所は限られています)
On Sundays, it's permitted to have For Sale cars parked on the roadside (there are some restrictions).

日本でも昔よく見かけた横乗り、 懐かしい光景です。
This was a nostalgic scene because a long time ago in Japan it was common to see.

There were plenty of 100cc bikes on the road.

Dodge みたいですが FARGO と言うメーカーのトラック
This looks like a Dodge but the emblems indicate this truck is by FARGO.

夜、 それも 11時近くですが道はこの通り、 バイクで先に進めません。
At night, close to 11PM, it was like this. There are so many bikes on the road.

バイク、 車、 馬車、 人、 それぞれが勝手な動きをしていますが 以外とブツカラナイ様です。
Bike, cars, horse and carriage, people and more move about in their own path but I didn't see any collisions.