KustomFest 2013 Event Report

今回で 2回目となる Kustom Fest 2013 "What's Kustom" が開催されました。
1回目は Steve が参加したのですが今回は 1回目を上回る規模だったそうです。
Hot Rod Custom Show の様に、 Custom Cars、 Custom Bikes and Vendor Booths
そして会場の外では BMX、 Skateboard、 Live Music 等等盛りだくさんの 2days イベントです。
開催時間は何と 10:00am~11:00pm、 その後に Party があり、 いったい何時寝るんだ!って感じです。
今年は Malaysia にも行きました、 2度目の Asia は Indonesia、 Kustom Kulture を軸に
世界中に Hot Rods、 Kustoms and Choppers の文化は確実に広がりつつあります。
何処の国へ行っても変らないのは Dickies です。 皆 Dickies を履いています。

Last week I posted about the street of Jogja. This post is about the show.
It was the 2nd Kustom Fest 2013 "What's Kustom" event held in Jogjakarta.
The 1st time (last year), Steve attended the event and posted a report about it. There plan is to hold this event once a year.
Similar to the Hot Rod Custom Show, there were custom cars, custom bikes and vendor booths. However, outside the exhibition hall were areas for BMX, skateboarding, live music and more for a packed fun-filled 2 day event.
The event times each day was 10AM-11PM followed by after parties. I wondered if anyone got sleep!
Earlier this year I went to an event in Malaysia so my second trip to Asia in one year was Indonesia. Kustom Kulture is truly worldwide and the hot rods, kustoms and choppers scene and culture is still growing.
Any country I visit, there's always Dickies. Everyone wears Dickies.

Photo Gallery
kustomfest2013-01 kustomfest2013-02

Exhibition Hall event location.

Raffle の Winner にはこの Sports が当たりました。
主催の Retro Classic Cycles が造った物です。
Signs & Pinstripes は Wildman。

The raffle winner takes home this Sportster.
Event organizer Retro Classic Cycles built the bike.
Signs & Pinstripes by Wildman

主催者であり Retro Classic Cycles の Ownerである Lulut、日本名は "Yaku"

Organizer and owner of Retro Classic Cycles, Lulut. In Japan he's known as Yaku.

kustomfest2013-05 kustomfest2013-06
Guest は RSD Roland と Shige Suganuma (自分です)。

RSD Roland Sands & Shige Suganuma (myself) were guests.

Raffle の Bike

The raffle bike.

kustomfest2013-08 kustomfest2013-09
kustomfest2013-10 kustomfest2013-11
kustomfest2013-12 kustomfest2013-13
kustomfest2013-14 kustomfest2013-15
kustomfest2013-16 kustomfest2013-17

Best of Show "Automotive" の選考を任され、 選んだのこの 1956 VW T-2。
Body がストレート、 奇麗でした。

Best of Show "Automobile" was left up to me so I selected this 1956 VW T-2. It had a straight body and was very nice.
I forgot to ask about the one piece side windows.

kustomfest2013-19 kustomfest2013-20
kustomfest2013-21 kustomfest2013-22
kustomfest2013-23 kustomfest2013-24
kustomfest2013-25 kustomfest2013-26

Honda 100cc 単気筒 を 3個にして何と 300cc 3気筒、素晴らしい排気音でした。

This Honda 100cc single was tripled to 300cc with 3-cylinders. The sounds was amazing.

Best of Show "Motorcycle"

MQQNEYES Pickは Holden に Chevy 502 積んだ Muscle に決定!

MQQNEYES Pick went to this Holden equipped with a 502 Muscle!

マレーシア、 タイ、 フィリピン、 シンガポール、 ブルネイ、 USA、 Japan and More

The final shot is a group photo with all the foreign guests and friends.
Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, USA, Japan and others, such a small world.