HCS2014 皆様のエントリーありがとうございました。 スペースに限りがあるのでお断りさせて頂いた方すみません。 Thank you to everyone for your HCS2014 entry registrations. Space is limited and unfortunately we had to decline many people. Sorry we couldn't accept you all. MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM)#14 は 11月7日(金)全国一斉発売予定です。 お楽しみに!! MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #14 will be available on 11/7 (Fri) in quality bookstores throughout Japan. Be sure to get yours! さて辛いBlogです。 今回は "Post", 今迄 見逃され気味だった Post 車を見かける様になって来ました。 今回の Bakersfield でも 1963 Ford Galaxie Post が居ました。 それも2台も。 やはりクルマは Ford でしょうか? 日本の町並みには Ford が似合うと思っているのは僕だけでしょうか? Now for my blog post. This time, "Post" is a reference to the "B" pillar on cars. It's also known as a post. I had never really thought much about it and often missed this until recently. Now I find myself seeing them more and more. There were two 1963 Ford Galaxie Posts this year at Bakersfield. Of course, the car has to be a Ford? races-079 races-088 races-092 races-090 races-093 races-094 ford-075 このクルマはMIM#14で特集予定です。 This car will be featured inside MIM#14.