MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #14

MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #14 11/8(土) 全国書店で一斉発売開始です。 MOONEYES では11/4(火)から発売します。 お楽しみに!!

MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #14 On sale 11/8 (Sat) at all quality bookstores throughout Japan. Here at MOONEYES, it will be available on 11/4 (Tue). We hope you enjoy it!!


HCS2014 皆様のエントリーありがとうございました。 スペースに限りがあるのでお断りさせて頂いた方すみません。

Thank you to everyone for your HCS2014 entry registrations. Space is limited and unfortunately we had to decline many people. Sorry we couldn’t accept you all.

MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM)#14 は 11月7日(金)全国一斉発売予定です。 お楽しみに!!

MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #14 will be available on 11/7 (Fri) in quality bookstores throughout Japan. Be sure (Continue reading…)

Sneak Preview of MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM)#13

MIM#13 の巻頭特集をちょっとだけ。 5/1(木)全国一斉販売です!!

Here’s a little sneak peak at the first feature in the new MIM#13. It will be available (for sale) at quality bookstores throughout Japan beginning May 1 (Thu)!! Ask your bookstore to stock it or order it from MOONEYES Shop!

Last Weekend

東京、代官山 Tsutaya Bookstore で開催された Levi’s Vintage Clothing Event へ行って来ました。 I went to the Levi’s Vintage Clothing event over the weekend at Tsutaya Bookstore in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

Von Franco の Airbrush Sweatshirts. 全世界で 35枚 Only!! It featured Von Franco’s airbrush sweatshirts. Only 35 made worldwide in this series!!

MQQNEYES Matsui-kun の Roadster Pick (Continue reading…)

MQQN Illustrated Magazine #10 (MIM#10)

MQQN Illustrated Magazine #10 (MIM#10) 10/22(月) 発売開始です! 10/22 (Mon) release date confirmed for MQQN Illustrated Magazine #10 (MIM#10)!

(Continue reading…)

MIM#10 発売間近!!

MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #10 は 10月22日(月) 全国一斉発売開始! 21st Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012にやって来る、Guest Cars and Bikesの総特集です。 MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #10 will be released on October 22 (Monday) and be available at bookstore across Japan! This release features introductions to the guest for the 21st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (Continue reading…)


Look at that picture! Don “Snake” Prudhomme behind the wheel of Pepsi Challenger Trans Am.

MIM #6掲載の写真を選んでいたら1983年10月 OCIR での NHRA World Finals, Don Prudhomme ドライブの Pepsi Challenger Trans Am Funny Car が出てきました。 As I was looking through old photos for my article in MIM#6 and saw this photo from 1983 at OCIR. It’s (Continue reading…)

MIM #6 制作開始! – MIM #6 Production Start!

MOON Illustrated Magazine Volume 6 (MIM#6) の制作に取り掛かりました。 発売予定は 11月 15日 (月), 後一ヶ月しかないのにまだ何も進んでいません。 Be began the initial planning for MOON Illustrated Magazine Volume 6 (MIM#6). It is tentatively set for release on Novermber 15, 2010 (Monday) which means we have about 1 month to get it done even though it’s not ever started really.

Zap (Continue reading…)

33年振りのT-bird / T-bird After 33 Years

33年振りに 1960年 T-bird が復活。 After a decade in storage, I decided to revive this 1960 T-bird.

復活させたは良いけどそれにしてもヒドイ外装、何とかしたいが どうにかなるのでしょうか? Saying it is one thing but the condition is just about unbearable, I don’t know where to start and wonder how it’s going to turn out?

画像からでは分かりにくいけど(分かるか?)内外装ともかなりきつい状況です。 I don’t know if you can see (Continue reading…)