Race on Sunday

先週は富士で Super American Festival でした。 Last week was Super American Festival at Fuji. amefes-1079 夕方、御殿場へ向かう東名高速で富士山が見えました。 行きは1時間半で行けましたが 帰りは何と3時間半!! You can see Mt. Fuji while we were heading for Gotemba in the afternoon on the Tomei Expressway. Going there took about 1 and a half hours. Coming back took three and a half hours!! amefes-1121 amefes-1149 amefes-1174 amefes-1209 amefes-1212 静かな富士山です。 A quiet Mt. Fuji in the background. amefes-1217 amefes-1278 amefes-1191 Kijimoto-san は準決勝に進みましたが痛恨のレッドライトで敗退。 Kijimoto-san made it to the semifinals but unfortunately was defeated because of a red-light (early start). amefes-1296 amefes-1193