先週末、5年振りに Dragster を Drive!! Last weekend was the first time in about 5 years that we got to Drive the Dragster! 新しいシャシーが出来てから3年、やっと走らせる事ができました。 It's been 3 years since we got a completely new chassis and finally, we got to run it. 今回は San Diego 近くの Barona Drag Strip で開催させれた Event に招待され 「真剣に Full Run をしなければ OK」と言う条件で走る事が出来たのです。 We ran it at the Barona Drag Strip near the San Diego area for an event we were invited to attend. They said under one condition, "As long as you don't run it seriously hard, then it's OK." So we got to run. 煙を出して走ろうと思っていましたが 2回ともフロントが上がってしまい思うように走れませんでした。 The initial plan was to simply smoke the tires real good but that didn't happen as 2 times we ran, the front came up. New Chassis (2007年製), New Clutch, New Slicks, そして 燃料をアルコールに代えたり 新しい Set Up で初めての Run でしたが残念な結果でした。 New Chassis (built in 2007 by original Dragmaster Chassis Founder Dode Martin and Jim Nelsen), New Clutch, New Slicks, and lastly we changed from Gas to Alcohol fuel. With this new set up and our first official run, the results were not what we wanted, unfortunately. 僕にとって Dragster は走り出すまで、ぶつかるか?どうなるか?どう走れるのか分かりません。 経験を積むしかありません。 Until I personally was able to drive the MOONEYES Dragster, I had always thought about what could happen. Will I hit something? How will it perform? How will I handle the run? The consequences. One can only pile on experience. MOONEYES Dragster は 45年前の作り方ですから 2010年の Safety Rules に Pass できない為、 走れる Track がありません。今回チャンスをくれた Barona Drag Strip の方々に感謝します。 とにかく一度走らせる事が出来て良かったです。 The MOONEYES Dragster was built in 2007, faithfully to the same specifications as the original MOONEYES Dragster built in early 60s. The result, unfortunately, it the safety equipment on that Dragster don't meet the current safety rules and that usually means I can't run that Dragster on a certified track. I am grateful and really appreciate that Barona Drag Strip staff had allowed me to drive the MOONEYES Dragster last weekend.