Barona Drag Strip の続き

MOONEYES Dragster を走らせた Barona Drag Strip では Friday Night に Cackle Fest も開催されました。 On Friday night at Barona Drag Strip, where the MOONEYES Dragster ran (last blog post) we took part in the Cackle Fest they had. Cackle Fest とは Dragster 等のエンジンと掛ける(主に古い Dragster 等が人気です)催しです。 For those that don't know what Cackle Fest is, it's where people crowd around and watch the dragsters start their engines (the old vintage Dragsters are very popular). 特にNitro (ニトロ)を燃料とするエンジンはエキゾーストパイプから炎が出るので迫力あり人気があります。 Particularly, Nitro fueled engines that are very loud and the flames that come from the exhaust get the most attention and are the crowd favorites. そんな事から炎が良く見えるように暗くなってから開催される事が多いのですが California の7月は20時位まで明るいのでこの日も終了は23時近くにもなってしまいました。 MOONEYES Dragster も燃料もアルコールに代えたので Nitro に比べると少ないですが炎を出せるようになりました。 Of course, to see the flames, it is best when it's dark. But in the summer time like July in California, 8PM is still not dark enough so the festivities didn't finish until around 11PM. The MOONEYES Dragster can't compare to the Nitro Fuelers but with the recent change to Alcohol, there were some small flames coming out of the headers (no pictures). 隣は炎で真っ赤です。 The flames coming from the cackle car on the side of us. MOONEYES Dragster から見た観客の様子です。 This is the view from the cockpit of the MOONEYES Dragster. 反対隣もです。 On the other side of us too. (look at the red-hot headers!) Barona Drag Strip は山の中にありこの様な道をガンガン走って行くと突然目の前に現れます。 Barona Drag Strip is up into the mountains so you have to drive quite a bit then is almost appears from nowhere.