Look at that picture! Don "Snake" Prudhomme behind the wheel of Pepsi Challenger Trans Am. MIM #6掲載の写真を選んでいたら1983年10月 OCIR での NHRA World Finals, Don Prudhomme ドライブの Pepsi Challenger Trans Am Funny Car が出てきました。 As I was looking through old photos for my article in MIM#6 and saw this photo from 1983 at OCIR. It's NHRA World Finals and Don Prudhomme is driving the Pepsi Challenger Trans Am Funny Car. この年で OCIR が閉鎖されると言うので有給を取って行ってきたのでした。 そしてこの旅行で初めて MOON Equipment Company を訪ねたのでした。 This was the same year that OCIR was closing down so I made a point to be there. On this trip was the first time I visited MOON Equipment Company. なんと言う偶然、Pit には MOON Disc を履いた Funny Car が Oddly enough, in the Pits were Funny Cars equipped with MOON Discs. そしてこの後すぐ Don Garlits が Top Fuel Dragster に MOON Discを履き World Record を記録する等 NHRA Drag Race での MOON Discs の最後の花道を飾ったのです。 A few years later, Don Garlits and his Top Fuel Dragster equipped with MOON Discs set a NHRA Drag Race World Record. 勿論 Dean MOONは狂ったように喜んでいました。 Of course, Dean MOON was surely pleased beyond belief.